Backup everything

Backupster is an advanced backup creation/restoring application that you need.

What you will get

Completely free

Backup to web or to a drive


Complete application backup

Password protected

Cross-platform support

Moving to another computer?

Backupster can auto-detect and install every application that it backed it up and install it into any system with all data, it also can find & install them online.

Easy, Fast and Feature-full

Backupster designed to be easy to use, takes small portion of system resources to be fast and light and even adds new features without any problem.

Super Light

Backupster uses least resources while running.
Backupster's system requirements are:


- SSE3 support
- 1GHz or more
RAM: 1GB or more
Storage: At least 100MB space on main drive to operate, might require more on backing up/restoring


NT Kernel 6.1 or newer
(Windows 8.1/10 1709/11)
.NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5 or newer
Visual C++ 2015 or newer
(Installer will auto-install these if they don't exist)


Ubuntu: 16.04 or newer
Linux Mint: 18 or newer
RHEL/CentOS/Oracle: 7 or newer
Fedora: 32 or newer
Debian: 9 or newer
openSUSE: 15 or newer
SLES: 12 SP2 or newer
Alpine: 3.10 or newer
Arch-based: Supported

Send to the clouds

Backupster can backup to any cloud service and also can recover from that service.

Something that should be free

Backupster is 100% free and open source project, meaning that you and everyone don't have to pay for it to use and can look at the source code.

Customize it.

You can customize Backupster as much as you want with these:


You can simply create and apply them from the settings and you also can download new themes and apply them by just opening them with Backupster.


You can enhance Backupster as much as you want, you can even create new extensions or install them by opening them with Backupster.


You can change Languages in the Settings menu and install them by opening them with Backupster.

Want to try it out?


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