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Foster itself is a C# library but can be used for everything with programs such as Foster Manager.

Download & Install Foster

To use Foster in your C# project, install it by using NuGet.

.NET CLI: dotnet add package Foster

Visual Studio (every edition except Code): Solution Items -> right-click on project -> manage NuGet Packages -> Switch to "Browse" tab. -> Search "Foster" -> Install the package who made by "haltroy".

Download & Install Foster Manager

Foster Manager can be used for everything, not just for C# applications or libraries. To use Foster on a different type of project, you need to use Foster Manager.

Foster Manager is a cross-platform command-line utility for managing Fosters.

Using another Parser or Packer

Foster itself contains the XML parser and No Compression packer as default.

To use another parser or packer in Foster Manager, you have to register it first. Registration should be used before doing anything withg the parser or packer itself. To register, simply add this code: new [Parser/Packer Name]().Register();

To use another parser or packer in Foster Manager, you have to edit the source code and compile Foster Manager all by yourself. Start this process by cloning the repository to a folder. Use either Git (git clone or a Git helper (such as GitHub Desktop App). Then, in Foster Manager\Program.cs file, edit the void HookParserAndPackers() and add your own custom parser/packer registration code (mentioned before) to the code. Then, just compile it (python or run it (dotnet run -- [Your arguments here]) On default, Foster Manager additionally contains these packers and parsers: