28 February 2022

Foster 2.0

The current version of Foster is enough for certain things but it is still can be improved. There are already issues attached to the current development version of Foster that are important for other projects.
You can view the progress here.

Yorot Demo

I noticed that I need to learn a lot to make Yorot a cross-platform app. But that will take a long time. So in the meantime, I can develop a demo version of Yorot. Granted, that won't be the final look for the project but it will serve us well.

11 March 2022


Backupster Development Start

With Foster 2.0, Backupster development can start. Since this will be only cross-platform application, Backupster can teach me new things about that topic (either .NET MAUI or Avalonia) so I can start the actual development procedure for Yorot.

Foster 3.0

We already know that Foster is a C# library. But with this update, Foster will be added to every popular language. Yes, actual code convertion for all popular languages from C#.



Yorot Actual Development Start

The Win32 branch will be deleted and the all development will be focused on cross-platform branches (either Avalonia or .NET MAUI).

HTAlt Game Engine Development Start

Yes you read that right. Though the type of this engine is not confirmed but it will allow everyone to make cross-platform games in a super easy way.



New Roadmap Announcement


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