Haltroy Framework

Haltroy Framework (or HF for short) is a library package that was made in C# in 2018. The first ever versions were used inside Korot and Playtroy but later, Haltroy Framework was released as a single library package. Later, it evolved into HTAlt.

The first 2 versions are missing but th rest of them starting from alpha version a1.3 can be found in HTAlt's official repository.

HF vs HTAlt

After the beta version b1.1, Haltroy Framework was renamed to HTAlt. The reason is simply because of the misleading name of the product. Haltroy Framework wasn't a framework but just a package that contained set of controls. Instead, it was renamed to HTAlt which simply means HalTroy's ALTernatives".


After the alpha version a1.7, the packages were released to NuGet. The previous packages required developers to download them from GitHub Releases and install it by simply adding a reference to the package.

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