Kolme Images

Kolme Images is an image viewing software that was bundled with Kolme Notepad in Kolme Utilities. Kolme Images was written in Visual Basic and received 2 updates.

Like Kolme Notepad, Kolme Images received only 2 updates until Kolme Utilities was discontinued, thus also making Kolme Images discontinued. The updates are similar to Kolme Notepad, the first update was to fix reading images inside a folder and the second update brought dark mode.

Kolme Images was designed to be fast and small, ad it did achieved. However, there was a feature which allowed users to edit images was planned but never implemented.

Kolme Images had a simple interface, the image itself is displayed inside the application and user can display the other images by either clicking the sides of the image or using left/right arrow keys on the keyboard. On top of the application, the file name and the location with minimize, maximize and close buttons could be spotted.

2021 haltroy