Kolme Notepad

Kolme Notepad is a simple text editor that was bundled with Kolme Images in Kolme Utilities. Kolme Notepad was written in Visual Basic and only received 2 updates in it's entire lifetime before Kolme Utilities was discontinued.

Kolme Notepad was meant to be the fastest and lightest text editor with syntax highlighting. It was quick but missing the important feature of syntax highlighting and was discontinued in its beta phrase. 

Kolme Notepad only received 2 updates, the first update was for fixing an error with loading/saving files and the last update contained a dark mode. Kolme Notepad had a simple design, a giant text area for editing & viewing text, a simple top menu that includes the application name, logo, file name, file location, save button, open file button, minimize button, maximize button and close button.

2021 haltroy