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Back up everything
with Backupster

My new incoming open-source project. With Backupster, you can take even backups of applications and it's cross-platform and free, not freemium.
You can schedule backups, transfer cross-platform application data to other OSes, upload backups to a server and/or to an drive.

Enhanced UI with HTAlt

Use HTAlt library to enhance your programs' user interface in any types of projects; personal, educational or commercial use. You don't need to pay for overpriced libraries just to have basic modern user interfaces and in HTAlt, you don't even need to pay for anything. You can even improve code and add stuff for everyone, for free. Just download the code, work on it and send a pull request easily in GitHub.

Transparent Development

I release source codes of my applications and even this website to GitHub so you can see how things handled and what these programs do and you can help me improve it, ask questions etc. on GitHub.


"Haltroy" is just my nick name and yes, there's only one person here.