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Latest News about Yorot

  • Happy New Year! – 2024 Plans
    2023 might not be a good year for my stuff, especially when I removed a big chunk of it. However, lately there are better thing that I did and things that I will do better than before so here’s a list of them. BlueAir BlueAir is an amazing tool to batch-download files. However, its graphically… Read more: Happy New Year! – 2024 Plans
  • Resetting Yorot, again
    Lately, some stuff Yorot used just disappeared and Yorot’s source code became too complex with less flexibility. In order to start working on Yorot, the entire project has to be reset yet again. Yorot in its development life had problems to became a cross-platform desktop web browser. The first issue is the framework to use… Read more: Resetting Yorot, again
  • Happy 100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic!
    Normally, I couldn’t celebrate on the website much because I was out every year during the holidays, but this year I had the opportunity. This short blog post was also a good opportunity for me to briefly let you know what I’ve been working on lately. If you noticed that the website design has changed,… Read more: Happy 100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic!
  • Yorot (& Website) Dev Blog
    If you noticed something is different right now than you are not alone. I moved to WordPress rather than using Mobirise. This way I can edit my website anywhere I want to. Now, Yorot For the initial pre-release (the indev1 release), there are a lot of problems still need a fix. Features such as downloads,… Read more: Yorot (& Website) Dev Blog


Yorot comes with an app system which includes several default applications such as Calculator, Calendar, Terminal, Notepad, File Manager and more! You can also download new apps from the store bundled with browser itself.

Easy, Fast and Feature-full

Yorot designed to be easy to use, takes small portion of system resources to be fast and light and even can add new features without any problem.

Super Light

Yorot uses least resources while running.
Yorot’s system requirements are:


– SSE3 support
– 1GHz or more

RAM: 1GB or more

Storage: At least 300MB space on main drive


.NET 6 or newer
(Self-contained packages don’t require a .NET installation)


  • Windows: 10 1709 or newer
  • Ubuntu: 16.04 or newer
  • Linux Mint: 18 or newer
  • RHEL/CentOS/Oracle: 7 or newer
  • Fedora: 32 or newer
  • Debian: 9 or newer
  • openSUSE: 15 or newer
  • SLES: 12 SP2 or newer
  • Alpine: 3.10 or newer
  • Arch-based: Supported

Customize it like it’s yours.

You can customize Yorot as much as you want with these:


You can create them from Yopad, apply them from Settings and you also can download new themes from the store.


You can enhance your browsing experience as much as you want, you can even create new extensions using Yopad and download new ones from the store.


You can create new languages from Yopad, apply them in Settings and download new languages from the store.

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