BlueAir is a cross-platform extensible bulk downloader.

Process files

BlueAir can process stuff before and after each download.

Easy, Fast and Feature-full

BlueAir can be extended by adding a command-based download agent which runs another executable to download stuff. This feature is not available in mobile platforms and/or platforms that require privileges to execute commands.

Latest News about BlueAir

  • March 2024 – Updates
    There are few updates that I am working on for now. Here’s all of them. GitLab I’m thinking about switching to GitLab as its more open platform than GitHub itself. Maybe in the future I might self-host it (and I do want to self-host it but my hosting provider does not have any options to… Read more: March 2024 – Updates
  • Happy New Year! – 2024 Plans
    2023 might not be a good year for my stuff, especially when I removed a big chunk of it. However, lately there are better thing that I did and things that I will do better than before so here’s a list of them. BlueAir BlueAir is an amazing tool to batch-download files. However, its graphically… Read more: Happy New Year! – 2024 Plans
  • Introducing BlueAir
    BlueAir is a bulk file downloader that works in both desktop and Android (until I figure out how to publish apps to iOS), can be expanded with the help of command-based downloaders and also can process those files before and after each download with commands. Note: Command-based downloaders and commands for each download features DO… Read more: Introducing BlueAir

Super Light

BlueAir uses least resources while running.
BlueAir’s system requirements are:


– SSE3 support
– 1GHz or more

RAM: 1GB or more

Storage: At least 100MB space on main drive to operate, might require more on downloading files and/or add-ons.


To install: Nothing
To build: .NET 8 SDK


  • Windows: 10 1709 or newer
  • Ubuntu: 16.04 or newer
  • Linux Mint: 18 or newer
  • RHEL/CentOS/Oracle: 7 or newer
  • Fedora: 32 or newer
  • Debian: 9 or newer
  • openSUSE: 15 or newer
  • SLES: 12 SP2 or newer
  • Alpine: 3.10 or newer
  • Arch-based: Supported
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