Happy 100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic!

Normally, I couldn’t celebrate on the website much because I was out every year during the holidays, but this year I had the opportunity. This short blog post was also a good opportunity for me to briefly let you know what I’ve been working on lately.

If you noticed that the website design has changed, let it stay in this design for a while.

A new game

Although I briefly explained what this game is by asking a simple question on Avalonia’s GitHub Discussion, I’ll explain it anyway. I am currently developing a game with different types of obstacles that is played with a simple mouse that I developed myself. I’m currently distributing the game only as a closed beta, and I’m thinking of publishing it after adding bug fixes and innovations based on the feedback. If you want to participate in this closed beta program, you can contact me.

The game will be free at launch and will only be released on desktop platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) for now, as it requires a mouse, but I am considering releasing it on mobile platforms as well. It is not clear at the moment whether the game will be open source like other projects.

Fostrian 4

Not to lie, but I’m not very proud of Fostrian version 1.3. It may be good in some ways, but I don’t think I did a very good job. So I decided to push its support end date a little earlier. The first thing you will see in the new version is that it is no longer the bit 1.x version but has a unique version number. The reason for this is to eliminate confusion with the actual version number of the version numbers specified in the files. Apart from that, I think Fostrian may receive a major update in the coming days, with it taking up less space than previous versions and with a lot of innovations.

Program Publishing Tool

Normally, I was doing this job with a single Python file, but I realized that there is no program that can do this job properly or I don’t know it. So I’m working on a program publishing tool that will help you create plugins in it. For now, an important part of the code is finished, but I need to work on some features I want to add.


Yorot development has been frozen for a long time because one of the libraries I use has been inactive for a long time, and now the source code of that library is no longer accessible, its GitHub repository has been deleted. Another library that I could use instead did not receive Linux support at the moment, and since I decided to completely switch to my Linux system, I cannot do much with Yorot’s “web browser” features. But I plan to add all the other Yorot features and use it when that library gets Linux and Avalonia 11 support and eventually release Yorot. In the meantime, source codes may change excessively or GitHub repositories may change completely.


I haven’t made an update on Blueway for a long time, but rest assured, I will continue to develop on Blueway as soon as other work is completed. This can most likely happen while improving Yorot’s other features.

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