Happy New Year! – 2024 Plans

2023 might not be a good year for my stuff, especially when I removed a big chunk of it. However, lately there are better thing that I did and things that I will do better than before so here’s a list of them.


BlueAir is an amazing tool to batch-download files. However, its graphically unpleasing and some of the main functions are missing. BlueAir is also the first proper released project that I ever worked on. Entire automated system in GitHub and binaries released for all available platforms. There’s still too much to do with this project that will overhaul the experience but currently this is clean.

New Project: BlueVault

This project is more privacy-focused. BlueVault is essentially an app that compresses and encrypts files inside a vault. Multiple vaults can be added and BlueVault will let you view files by unlocking it. It’s still in development and will be released the same way as BlueAir will be.

New Game: Mazze

I already talked about this in a previous post but currently I’m planning on making a maze game that requires a mouse to drag an object to end goal. It’s completely customizable and a map editor is built-in. Currently, the only 2 issues that is left to do is to change the audio backend to something more reliable and add maps to it. In a later release, I might let everyone create even more custom maps with customizable object shapes, textures, custom audio tracks and a custom programming language to interact with the map.

Yorot & Blueway

These 2 projects were almost forgotten for almost a year but currently I’m planning to reset both to give both visual overhaul and more capabilities.

Super Secret Project

There’s also a super secret project of mine that is for personal use only (for now) and that requires a technical information so you can skip this one. Basically, I’m trying to figure out to launch an application inside of an Avalonia application. Technically, this is what most desktop environments actually do but most importantly these applications can spawn other windows and I need to put them back to the Avalonia application itself. AFAIK there’s no such method for now but that would be cool if someone did figure it out. If you did, please let me know.


2023 was a meh year but 2024 might be a better year for these projects. From my deep heart, I thank you for your time and wish you a happy new year.

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